Friday, September 12, 2008

trying to go Green

There is so much that I want to do, or "try" to do, to be a much earth friendlier person. I found these really cute reuseable bags online from Bright And Bold. I ordered them yesterday morning and they came in the mail today! Holy Cow! that was FAST! So since they came today I was so excited to use them grocery shopping today. I waited for hubby and his nephew, Jared, to come back home b/c they wanted to go with. So they came home and we left right away. We get to the store, I grab a cart and preceded to walk into the store when I realized I forgot the bags!! :( Hubby just laughed. I wanted him to go back and get them for me, but he wouldn't. They really are cute. I bought 2 sets, the pink

and the green.

And they're big bags too! These would make great gifts too. hmmm...great Christmas gift!! :D ooooh! Look at that! It's September and I've just begun my Christmas shopping!!!! :D

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Leah said...

I bought prezzies at the Cedarburg Wine and Harvest festival too. It's never too early.