Thursday, September 04, 2008

North Dakota

Nothing exciting happened today. Just been busy doing last minute packing for our little get away. We are going to North Dakota. Why, you ask? Well because hubby is from there and we're going to celebrate his parents 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing all his old friends and family that we hardly get to see. My mom's going with too. Unfortunately, my dad had to stay behind b/c of work. bleh. He was bummed that he couldn't go with.

But we're leaving bright and early tomorrow morning and stopping in Minneapolis to chill out at Mall of America for the night and then leave Saturday morning to finish the 2nd half of our 11 hour drive. I am excited about going shopping tomorrow afternoon at the mall. One store I will be stopping at is Archivers. LOVE that store. I was at the store in Madison a lot last year when I lived there. Such a nice layout to that store. And they had EVERYTHING!! :D

I will do my best to try and post during my trip, but I don't think I'll be able to get my data service on my iPhone in ND. So I won't be able to go online. :(

peace out~

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