Sunday, May 10, 2009

6 months old

My niece and nephew are officially 6 months old. That time has gone by soo fast. Here are a couple of photos I took of them on Thursday.


Alexandra (I love this one of her b/c it shows her monkey toes and that she can sit up all by herself!)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

long post...

Trying to play catch up on things. Hubby had surgery in January on his ankle. He's been off work since and is on his 2nd cast. They ended up doing a tendon reconstruction and expanding his heel cord. Only negative thing I can say about him having his cast is that he likes to kick in his sleep. Ouch!

I had a totally unexpected Valentines day. We've been married 10 years and he really has never done anything because he doesn't believe in the whole "Hallmark Holiday". Now don't get me wrong, he can be very romantic. Here's the story. I woke up early that Saturday and left the bedroom so he could sleep in. Now remember, he did just have surgery. So I was in the kitchen cleaning up and had the TV on listening to the news. About an hour later I went back in the bedroom to let the dogs out. Hubby still sleeping. When I came back in from letting the dogs out I let them go back into the bedroom. (they like to sleep in too!) This time I went to lay back down next to D cause I noticed that he was awake. We were laying there talking and finally he said, "Go get them." I looked at him and said "get what?" He just looked at me and said go get them again. And I responded back the same. We went back and forth like that a couple of times and he was getting so mad. I finally asked what are you talking about? He just shook his head and said never mind and got up. I was soo confused by all this that ended up going into the office to check my email. I came back out into the kitchen later and we were just talking and finally he pulled out two envelopes. I looked at him and said, "I thought we weren't doing Valentines day?" So I grabbed them out of his hands and noticed that one of them was kind of thick. I snickered and said I bet this one plays music! He laughed and said Yes it does! So I opened that one first.

Then I opened it and first I heard it say, "where's that picture from?" Then I noticed a little picture taped to the inside of the card. I looked at it and looked at him then looked at the picture again. (it was a picture of some totes that were stacked in our bedroom) So then I went straight to that corner in our bedroom and stuffed in between to little pillows was another photo. Well once I realized what was going on I started getting really excited. The whole time I was running around my house from picture to picture I was in shock. But he said I had a big smile on my face the whole time! LOL! Finally I get to the last spot which lead me to a cabinet. When I opened the door I lifted a blanket and say this shinny little bag with that ever famous double C logo all over it. (come on ladies, you all know what little bag I'm referring to!)

When I saw that bag, I started to squeeeel with delight. I thought I had totally won the jackpot I was soo excited! I remember thinking what?...what?....what?....but this just can't be a bag from the Coach store...what?... And when I looked inside that little bag and saw that beautiful brown box tied with a ribbon, I think I started to cry.

D was standing right beside me and grabbed him and gave him a big squeeze and big kiss. I opened the box and unwrapped the tissue and found a little white box. I looked at him and said You see, that white box held the most beautiful scent ever mad. Its the perfume from Coach. I'm totally in love with that stuff. I'm not big on wearing perfume but this stuff is heaven. Apparently the week before this I had mentioned in a passing that I was out of my favorite perfume sample. (no, I've never actually bought this stuff before b/c I just thought it was too expensive for me b/c I really do not wear perfume so why waste the money on it) When he told me what I said, I looked at him and he said "Yes, I DO actually listen at times!" LOL!

What a beautiful bottle! I just LOVE coach!! I was just in awe that he actually even went in that store. Because he hates that fact that I spend over $50 bucks on a purse. But I tell him that I really only buy a new purse once a year. It's not like I'm buying once every season. Then he feels the need to remind me about my Louis Vuitton purse I have sitting in my closet that I haven't used in a while that cost him LOTS of $$$. I just reply back, what about all your car audio stuff that sitting in the garage not in you car! That ends that! :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm an auntie!

Friday morning at 8:45am and 8:46am I officially became an auntie for the first time!!! I'm so excited. My SIL had twins, boy and girl. They are simply precious and beautiful. As of last night, the parents are still not 100% sure on the names. 99.9%, but not 100%. They just haven't had the time to really talk about it. They've barely had any sleep and doctors and nurses and constantly coming in to check on them day and night.

But here are some photos I took Friday night when I went down to see them. So precious!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


My latest and greatest page! I'm thinking of doing a book at shutterfly. I might take the photo out of this one and place a Halloween Spectacular title on it instead and use it for the cover of the book.