Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It's my Birthday...my B-B-B-Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday toooo ME! Happy Birthday to ME!

I'm 31 today and LOVING it! It's funny. I had a problem with 24....and 25....and 26.....and basically with everyone since 24. But today, I just feel GREAT about my Birthday. I don't know why. I would think I shouldn't b/c of my current living situation and with everything that's going on in our life right now. Life's to short, I just need to make it grand and not worry about the small stuff. There are just some things in life that I cannot control.

So I hope every one's day is GRAND today! Make it a good day!


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Lady Lyz said...

Happy Birthday Beckerooni! Why shouldn't your day be grand and glorious? You are a Gemini and my Gemini twin, although we were born 26 years apart. But, I've known you almost 1/2 your life now! Happy 57th Birthday to "meself" today.

Just remember, Beckerooni, life is what happens while you are making other plans - I don't know who I just quoted, but its so true. You may find that SD is a good new home or that there was no place like home in the first place and you'll tap your Ruby Reds together, grab Todo (or in your case Zona) and come home again. You'll never know until you experience it.

So, since you have to be where you are today, light some candles, take a bubble bath, do your hair up in some funky way you've not tried before, put on some good tunes, and just enjoy some quality time all by yourself and have a Happy Happy Birthday, woman!