Sunday, June 22, 2008

Birthday Celebration

This years birthday for me came and went. We really didn't do anything special for it. My mom asked if I wanted to go out for dinner and I said, no, I'd rather just not do anything this year. Well my friend Leah said that she wanted to take me for dinner. I've been putting it off b/c I just didn't want to celebrate me getting older. ich. So finally she convinced me to go out Friday night and I did. I am SO glad I did too. Holy FUN! I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time. Leah drove and on the way downtown, she had the sunroof open and I looked up and saw this.

The sky was so blue. :)
Leah took me to a restaurant called Kil@wat that is located inside the InterContinental Hotel downtown Milwaukee.

We started off with the Wisconsin cheese fondue. YUMMY!!

Then I had the American grouper

and Leah had Grandma's chicken

Leah said her dinner was good, and mine was just ok. I'm sorry to say, but the beans tasted just like plain baked beans. Not the best mix of taste for me. Afterwards, we went to At Random.

This place is your 1950's cheesy cocktail lounge that serves the BEST ice cream drinks. I've never been there before but Leah talks about it sooo much. When I walked in, it was soooo dark and that the only lights were from these orange lanterns lit at each table. It's just like what Hernando's Hideaway would be from the musical, Pajama Game. :) I had a grasshopper and Leah had a Peanut Butter Cup. So good. Here are some photos I tried to take so you can see just how dark and orange it was in there. She even said I had to check out the bathroom too. (heehee)

We didn't stay too long b/c it was starting to get a little to smoky in there for me. But what a FUN night! Thanks Leah!!

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Leah said...

It was a great night! Let's do it again!